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This technology has been here for quite a while but it is lately becoming a very feasible and cost effective method. With remote and virtual computing you can use the current hardware you have on site, even old and outdated hardware and still run a powerful machine on it. This is done with Virtual Computing. Virtual Computing, in a few simple words means that there is a central powerful server, that runs multiple virtual machines and hosts virtual desktops on it. All processing power and data come from this central server. Meaning that an old outdated computer can connect to this virtual machine since it requires virtually no processing power. On the same lines, virtual computing is the exact same thing but it can connect to a virtual machine in a remote location, therefore a computer terminal in one location can connect and use a virtual machine virtually from any location in the World provided there is an Internet connection. This is also used for work from home systems or for individuals who are always on the go and need to access data from remote locations.

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