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About Us

AlphaTech Solutions, founded in 2005 is a creative and dynamic company offering Web & IT Solutions at the most competitive prices on the market. With a tailor made service for both home and business needs, We strive to work hand in hand with our valued clients to give a professional, first-class service.

Our wide selection of services with excellent prices and outstanding after-sales service and support, make us you next choice for all of your Web & IT needs.

AlphaTech Solutions makes sure to keep up to date with the latest technologies and continues to innovate to give the best to our new and existing clients.

Web Services

Web Design & E-Commerce

Design of any kind of website; form a simple informative website about yourself or your business to more complex ones such as an e-commerce online shop.

Web Applications

We offer a number of customisable web applications There include solutions for invoicing, time tracking, project management, appointment / booking management and many others.

Marketing & SEO

Let us optimise your new or existing website with better SEO for improved search results. We also offer creation and management of marketing campaigns on various online platforms.

Web Hosting

Offering various types of hosting packages suited for every situation. From shared hosting to virtual private servers all the way to a fully dedicated server. Let us handle your hosting needs

IT Services

Formats & Installations

Bring your devices back to life with a fresh installation of Windows, Mac or Linux. We can install any version of any software on any device as long as it is compatible. Let us take care of backing up your data and restoring it back into place once the formatting is done so you can get straight back to work once your device is back in your hands.

Virus & Malware Removal

Ever wonder why your device is running so slow? Most of the times slow and sluggish performance is caused by a virus or malware secretly eating away at your resources. We can try and save you the hassle of doing a full format and re installation by cleaning up and optimising your device back to a good working state.

Repairs & Upgrades

Upgrading your devices with the right hardware should be an easy task. Leave it to our hands and we will guide you to the right hardware choices suited for your requirements.

Data Recovery

Has your hard drive failed? Have a corrupt USB drive or Memory card? Let us take care of it. We can recover and restore your data to a new safe drive with a 89% success rate.

IT Consultation

Need advise? Our team of experts is ready to guide you make the right decisions in terms of both hardware and software.

Tech Support

Offering both remote and on-site technical support for any type of issue. Get in touch today and book an appointment with one of our experts.

Business Solutions

Specialised service to assist with your business IT infrastructure; Be it starting from scratch, maintaining or upgrading.

Networking Solutions

A network is the core to any IT infrastructure. Our certified network experts will advise you on the best possible solutions for any type of network.

Other Services

We offer a vast list of services and most are listed hereunder, but be sure to contact us if you cant find something.

General IT consultation

Network consultation

Network planning and design

Cabling works and management

Fibre cabling and splicing

General cable and fluke testing

Cable termination

Wireless networking

Consumer networking equipment

Enterprise networking equipment

Custom build networking hardware

Server and data racks

Power distribution

Power failure solutions

UPS and battery backup

Security systems

CCTV systems

Intercom systems

Fire, Smoke and Gas detection

Access control keypads and RFID

Network intrusion protection/prevention

Digital telephony solutions

Custom Digital PBX systems

Digital door bells

Door access control with RFID


VOIP hardware, IP Phones, Conferencing

Video conferencing solutions

Off the shelf and custom built servers

Server / workstation virtualisation

General purpose hardware

Data storage solutions

Backup and redundancy solutions

Windows / Mac / Linux remote support

General managed services

Windows environment configuration

Site to site connection solutions

Work from home solutions

Specialised custom server solutions

Servers for files, databases, applications

Cloud apps, services and backups

General smart automation consultation

Smart home/office conversion

Smart control panels

Multimedia solutions

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