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This technology has been here for quite a while but it is lately becoming a very feasible and cost effective method.

With virtual desktops one can turn an old and outdated machine into a powerful computer. This is done with by having a dedicated powerful server that is able to run multiple virtual machine at once. All processing power and data come from this central server and almost any computer new or old can connect to the server that has the virtual desktop on it with virtually no need for any hard drive space or powerful processing power.

On the same lines, the same virtual desktop can be access remotely and securely just as if you were sitting in front of it. This method is a great option to work from home or when away on a trip should this be required.

The possibilities for this type of system are endless and on larger scale installation it may be a wise solution to minimise cost per machine, maintenance and downtime whilst having all in a central location.

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